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Introducing the High-Performance 10HP Petrol Maize Sheller with Blower:

Unlock the full potential of your agricultural operations with our advanced 10HP Petrol Maize Sheller. Engineered for efficiency and productivity, this maize sheller combines a powerful 10HP petrol engine with a high-speed shelling mechanism to deliver exceptional performance, capable of processing an impressive 1.5 tons of maize per hour. Additionally, the integrated blower system ensures efficient separation of corn kernels from the cobs, streamlining your harvesting process.



Key Features:

1. Powerful 10HP Petrol Engine: The heart of this maize sheller is a robust 10HP petrol engine, providing ample power and reliability to tackle demanding harvesting tasks. The engine’s smooth operation ensures consistent performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

2. High-Speed Shelling Mechanism: Equipped with a precision-engineered shelling mechanism, this maize sheller efficiently removes corn kernels from the cobs with incredible speed and accuracy. The design ensures minimal damage to the kernels, preserving their quality for further processing or storage.

3. Impressive Capacity: With a processing capacity of 1.5 tons of maize per hour, this maize sheller is a workhorse, perfectly suited for large-scale agricultural operations. It significantly reduces manual labor, saving valuable time and effort during harvest season.

4. Integrated Blower System: The maize sheller features a built-in blower system that effectively separates the shelled kernels from the cobs. The blower generates a powerful stream of air, swiftly carrying away debris, husks, and other unwanted materials, leaving behind clean, ready-to-use maize kernels.

5. Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand rigorous agricultural environments, this maize sheller is constructed from durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even under heavy workloads. It is designed to handle continuous operation, making it a dependable asset for your farm.

Hot Galvanised Layers Cage

Rust free for 25 years

6. Easy Operation and Maintenance: The maize sheller is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features intuitive controls and straightforward maintenance requirements, enabling operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the machine and keep it running smoothly.

7. Versatile Application: Whether you are processing maize for livestock feed, human consumption, or other purposes, this maize sheller can adapt to your specific needs. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for farmers, cooperatives, and agricultural businesses.

Invest in the High-Performance 10HP Petrol Maize Sheller with Blower and witness a significant boost in your maize harvesting efficiency. With its impressive processing capacity, powerful engine, and integrated blower system, this maize sheller ensures optimal productivity and high-quality output. Streamline your harvesting operations today and reap the rewards of enhanced efficiency and profitability.

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