Stainless Chicken Scalder


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This machine offers a combination of efficiency as well as time-saving options for the swift processing of poultry for farmers/vendors.

  • It is a recommended equipment/step for processing birds before being transferred to the automatic de-feathering machine. The general steps for recommended poultry processing include:
  • Poultry transport to the slaughterhouse – hook assembly line – shock/slaughter – bloodletting – scalding – feather-plucking – evisceration/processing – washing – pre-chilling – cutting – packing.
  • Power Consumption: Gas Burner.
  • Our products are locally fabricated with pure stainless steel.

Introducing our high-performance chicken scalder, designed to enhance efficiency and save valuable time in poultry processing for farmers and vendors. This essential equipment is a recommended step in the poultry processing workflow, ensuring optimal results before transitioning to the automatic de-feathering machine. With its gas burner power consumption, our locally fabricated chicken scalder guarantees reliable performance and consistent heat distribution. Crafted with pure stainless steel, it not only ensures durability but also meets stringent hygiene standards, making it an ideal choice for poultry processing operations of all scales. Experience seamless poultry processing with our efficient and reliable chicken scalder.

A versatile scalder for made from stainless

Rust free for 25 years

Our chicken scalder is built to deliver exceptional performance, offering a winning combination of efficiency and time-saving features for poultry farmers and vendors. As a crucial step in the recommended poultry processing sequence, it prepares birds for the subsequent de-feathering process. By utilizing a gas burner for power consumption, it ensures rapid and consistent heating, resulting in efficient scalding of the poultry.

With our chicken scalder, you can streamline your poultry processing workflow, saving valuable time and effort. It is designed to meet the needs of small-scale farmers as well as large-scale vendors, offering reliable performance and consistent results. Make poultry processing a breeze with our efficient, durable, and hygienic chicken scalder.


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